Some Handy Web Design Basics

web design

There is more to web design than many people take into consideration. An effective web designer wears many hats and should be responsible for various aspects of the design process. These responsibilities include graphics, interface, SEO, and standardized code and relevant content. Some designers do not feel that SEO is a justifiable part of their job description. However, horns and whistles may cause traffic to pause briefly, but it is the content that must win them over and increase rankings with search engines. There is such a thing as affordable SEO and every designer should follow certain basics that will cause their client’s website to become a beacon in the limitless dark hole known as the internet.

Targeting the niche audience – Websites are not designed to simply look pretty. The ultimate goal is to increase brand awareness. The best looking WordPress web design in the world will cease to drive traffic generation unless they can be found by the target audience. The ability to engage the potential customer and persuade them to visit the website is vital. However, it is even more important that the web design is able to translate into desired conversions. The webmaster will know the latest trends that correlate with the client’s niche. They must know from the start if the site is targeting business-to-business or being targeted towards particular consumers. The goal is to ensure that the website is properly indexed for high search engine rankings.

WebDesignThe basics of effective SEO web design – The website designer should focus heavily on image, video and local search engines. They must place a huge emphasis on keyword density within the content. Some of the things that should be done to make the site relevant include cross linking, Meta descriptions, and the use of relevant content. Studies have shown that small graphics are better for performance and the graphics used should correlate with the content. The general layout should be standardized and the ads should be reduced to the bare minimum. All of these issues are important to successful web design, at least from an SEO perspective. The client needs to know that affordable SEO practices exist and that they are being included on their website.

An experienced designer should be able to build impressive standard and WordPress web design projects. Through the use of analytic’s the client will be able to track results and conversion rates. These are just some of the handy web design basics that can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful website.